5 Budgeting Tips

Tip #1

Hopefully, by now you’ve completed your taxes. How did you do on your withholding last year? If you’re getting a large refund you may be having too much withheld. If you had to write a sizable check maybe you need to withhold more. See your Human Resources representative and try and match your withholding to your taxes paid.

Tip #2

While your visiting HR, now is a great time to ask if you can have your direct deposit split between two accounts. Many companies are more then happy to do this for you. Have the money you need to save for irregular expenses like car repair, insurances or taxes that you pay annually and Christmas gift giving deposited to your saving account before you ever get your check.

Tip #3

Gas prices are up. Resolve today how you will handle this in your budget this month. Here’s an article to help you.

Don’t Let Rising Gas Prices Bust your Budget

Tip #4

St Patrick’s Day is the 17th. Are you going out? Make sure you set aside funds for your evening of green reveille. Use cash to stay within your budget.

Tip #5

Make March your Check my Subscriptions Month. Take an hour sometime this month to evaluate each of your subscriptions. Netflix, Audible, Magazines, Cable, Cell, Internet etc. Are you getting you money’s worth on each? Can you easily live without one or more? Can you renegotiate a lower prices or select a less expensive plan?