Budget Tips for Spring Cleaning

It’s the time of year that we all throw open our windows and freshen our homes with a little spring cleaning. This year let’s do it with our shiny new budget in mind.

De-cluttering often reveals that have we purchased multiple products to do the same function or that we have several of the same product. This year as part of your spring-cleaning, take everything out of your cleaning supply cabinets and inventory it. How many cans of pledge, bottles of Febreze or boxes of Swiffer refills do you need? Is it necessary to buy one product for the countertops and one for the microwave and one for the floors?

When we replaced our windows years ago, the installer recommended cleaning them with a mixture of 10% cheap white vinegar 90% water with a bit of Dawn detergent if they are really dirty. This same concoction works great on our bathrooms and counters and floors (just not marble). One spray bottle, multiple uses, cheap easy and effective.

Resolve not to buy any new products until you have used up the old. Make an actual list of what you have. You might find you can make it through the summer without buying any new cleaners. There’s some snowflakes for your snowball.