About You

Far too many people in this country are in debt. Credit card debt, student loan debt, cars and home equity lines. This debt puts a huge strain on our relationships and robs us of our peace and security.

Not all my clients are in debt. If they are, climbing out will be an absolute priority in our time together. Often times what seems an impossible or hopeless situation is manageable when we walk together.

Unfortunately, the money advice we believe, is often the advice we hear the most. Marketers promoting their product are not well-informed, unbiased sources of wisdom. Neither, as Dave says, is your broke brother–in-law. Coaching will help you question your current beliefs and develop a new healthy relationship with money that works.

If any of these statements are true, you may benefit from coaching:

  • We (I) am not currently working on any one specific financial goal.
  • We do not plan our spending in advance.
  • I have debts and/or assets that I hide from my spouse/partner.
  • I have lost hope that we will ever be ok with money.
  • I dream my kids will go to college and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen; but I don’t have a plan.
  • We have debt that never seems to get paid off.

For coaching to work, you must be ready to change. You don’t need to be broke or behind in your payments or facing foreclosure; you just need to realize that you could do better.

You must place importance on securing your family’s future with intelligent money behavior.